August Birthdays – Peridot Birthstone

People born in August have Peridot birthstones. Peridot is a light, lime green gemstone, a form of Olivine.

According to Wikipedia, “Peridot is one of the few gemstones that occur in only one color, an olive-green. The intensity and tint of the green, however, depends on how much iron is contained in the crystal structure, so the color of individual peridot gems can vary from yellow to olive to brownish-green. The most valued color is a dark olive-green.”

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Not everyone born in August is a fan of this gemstone, but for those that are, it’s a prized gemstone. Peridot often is found faceted as the cut of the gemstone brings out it’s luster. Peridot jewelry is available in the Moon Pixie Handmade store on Amazon if you’d like to shop for a birthday gift for that special someone.